Water treatment

Participating as main contractor in the foremost international tenders, we offer solutions to wastewater treatment which create, in addition to the respect of the discharge limits, opportunities for the exploitation of the effluent.

NBT operates in water treatment taking care of the removal processes of contaminants from wastewater of urban and industrial origin.

The purification of municipal sewage consists in a series of processes during which, from the wastewater are removed the soluble and not soluble pollutants; the result that derives is a final quality effluent such as to be discharged into the sewer and / or surface water.

The purification cycle is constituted by a combination of several processes of various nature as chemical, physical and biological.

Some pollutants, within the purification process are concentrated under form of sludge. The sludge obtained from the wastewater treatment process are often contaminated with toxic substances and therefore also have to undergo a series of treatments due to make them suitable for disposal.

NBT offers a team of engineers, specialized in water treatment, who can develop advanced technological solutions. The main activities offered are the design and the realization of installations for water purification and sludge treatment.





Treatment of sludge from digester and purification

Over the treatment of urban wastewater, NBT deals with the treatment of industrial waters and treatment of sludge from anaerobic digesters.

The technologies applied for water purification, depending on the specific case identified by our team of experts, range from classic biological treatment with activated sludge, to the unconventional technologies systems: 







The complete processing chain which is proposed for the treatment of the digestate obtained from anaerobic digesters is the following: to a first separation with which the coarse substances are removed, follows a more or less forced filtration.

Then there is a further dehydration (by centrifugation or screw presses) due to remove most of the solid substance in order to be able to get to the final refining treatment:

when is necessary to remove the nitrogen load - in order to concentrate the COD eventually to be recirculated into the digester, or in order to "re-balance" the sewage in ratios C: N: P then to be able to proceed with the biological purification - is used the ammonia stripping process.

Therefore, if required, in cases of the discharge to the river or into sewer are also used subsequent additional depurative techniques.

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