Technological systems



In line with our philosophy as global partner, NBT has integrated its business of providing and maintenance of the technology services, with an offer of connected plant solutions and technical services of highest quality.

Projects in various areas are designed and realized:


- MECHANICAL SYSTEMS (thermo-hydraulic, plumbing, firefighting equipment, air conditioning,etc.)

- SPECIAL SERVICES AND SECURITY SYSTEMS (anti intrusion, CCTV, entry screening, structured wiring, sound systems, supervision and thermo-regulation)


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Design and implementation of:

Plants into urban, industrial and tertiary sector

Electrical installations of power and distribution (low and medium voltage networks, transformer cabins)

Electrical systems for protection and signaling

Electrical systems for control and operation

Urban and Industrial Automation Equipment

Cable and wireless data lines

Systems for security and surveillance

Supervision and command systems

Systems for remote management and telephony

Domotics and building automation systems



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thermal power stations at hot or superheated water

thermal power stations on steam

thermal power stations on diathermic oil

conventional heating systems in the floor and ceiling

systems with thermal highly efficient solar panels

radiation systems (or radiant tubes)

equipment for manufacturing sanitary hot water

district heating systems



Cooling plants with refrigeration units

Conventional cooling systems in the floors

District cooling Systems

Systems of "solar cooling" with solar panels with high efficiency and absorption units

VRF Systems for variable refrigerant flow

Refrigeration equipment for industrial or special processes



Domestic, industrial and hospital air treatment

Systems for air extraction

Systems for industrial dust extraction

Air filtration systems

Cooling Systems in soundproof rooms

Conditioning systems on all-air

Conditioning systems with heat recovery

Ducts in galvanized steel, stainless steel

Pre-insulated ducts of type PAL



Installations for distribution of methane gas and LPG

Systems for compressed air production and distribution

Fire-fighting equipment



Plumbing for sanitary

For industrial processes








NBT has achieved a leading position in the design, installation and maintenance of electrical, mechanical and special systems. The technical department consists in a team of expert engineers and architects inscribed into the professional referenced register, with many years of experience and remarkable professionalism, dedicated completely to the preliminary, definitive, executive and construction phases, all related to the entire range of systems which NBT is able to realize and provide, following the customer from a feasibility study until the executive and constructive design, as well as for the detailed analysis in making “ready to build” those projects which are carried out for third buyers.

Coordinated accomplishments include systems for security and control, technological systems, water and sanitation, evacuation systems, civil engineering works, restorations, services equipment facilities. The company's specialists perform the feasibility study, which based on objective data collected and on the analysis of future projections, allows to evaluate the real possibilities for project’s success.

NBT also provides consultancy as professional technical structure for the management of the design and work coordination, business logistics and centralized management of realizations.






Accordingto our customers needs, we offer following realizations for automation systems:

-   electrical and instrumental engineering

-   power panels, control and monitoring

-   control systems with PLC and DCS

-   supervisory systems HMI and SCADA

-   on site assistance

-   after-sales support

The offered "turnkey" automation systems, are the solution at the best cost-benefit ratio, for an exigent customer, which needs to have a single partner able to answer to multidisciplinary questions in electrical, electro-instrumental and installation matters.

Customers needing any technical solution can rely on our skills, covering all the engineering view. Due to its propensity for research, NBT is the ideal partner for those businesses that intend to design, develop and / or enhance their new ideas and solutions.

The experience gained over the years of activity allows us to accumulate skills in specific sectors such as to guarantee our customers complete automation systems including phases of design and engineering, construction and commissioning, in multiple sectors such as:

• Industrial

• Tertiary sector

• Biogas

• Agricultural

• Heating Net

• Heat Management