The photovoltaic relies on the use of "photovoltaic cells", small slabs of semiconductor material: on these slabs is generated a small potential difference between the upper and lower surface. Solar radiation puts in motion the electrons inside the material, creating a DC later converted to AC.

The sun, which feeds the photovoltaic, is the primary energy source, inexhaustible, clean and cost free. Every year the sun provides 19 trillion TOE (tons of oil equivalent), nearly 2,000 times the annual requirement of worldwide energy.

The immediate environmental advantage is the ability to produce electricity without greenhouse gas emissions: is enough to say that 1 kilowatt-hour of photovoltaic energy means 500 grams of less CO2.


Photovoltaic systems

NBT designs and realizes photovoltaic systems of medium and large sizes. Thanks to its experience in the field the company, became an important player on the market, consolidating its mission of System Integrator applied to the production and management of energy coming from the sun.